We have a broad portfolio of professional expertise working to acquire and develop a range of primarily multi-family property and projects. Collectively we have over 75 years of combined experience working in real estate acquisition, investment, development, construction and management. Our real estate know-how is supplemented with experience in accounting, tax strategy, capital structures, finance, and risk management.

The basis of our investing and development strategy is diligent research and sound fundamentals to find and create compelling financial upside for both our investors and ourselves. We seek high quality projects in good locations in strong and/or growing markets.

We are committed to sound investment strategies and efficient operational standards and we remain focused and disciplined about working within prudent risk-management guidelines based on independent data, conservative financial practices, and sound professional judgment.

Beginning in the late 1970's, we have partnered with a variety of people and entities to acquire and develop real estate for profit-making purposes. In some cases that meant ground-up construction, while in others it meant purchasing and upgrading an existing property.

Here are examples of our experience to give you an idea of our past work and success.